Mission Statement

Our strategic mission  is to be a digitally led media and entertainment company that creates and brings our brilliant content to audiences wherever, whenever and however they choose.

Our vision and our initiatives to drive growth and future value are clear, building upon ATN’s unique and winning combination of creativity and commercial strength. We will continue to drive profits from three business models – from advertisers, broadcasters and platform owners; through ATN’s Studios; and directly from consumers.

Our aim is to be a leading creative force in global content production.

The core drivers of this business are creative talent, creating and effectively monetising hits and being disciplined and efficient.

We are very focused on:

  • We are well positioned to grow our Direct to Consumer relationships and revenue with our significant reach, engagement, insight into viewers and enhanced data analytics capabilities.
  • Developing new hits
  • Attracting and retaining leading talent, and nurturing the right creative and commercial environment to do this
  • Growing our scripted business

We will also consider selective value creating acquisitions and talent deals in both scripted and unscripted to obtain creative talent and IP.